Masthead Brewing Company has begun the restoration of the historic Bryant Building at 1261 Superior Avenue in downtown Cleveland. Originally built in 1921 as an automotive dealership and recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it has a completely open floorplan with high ceilings perfectly suited for a production brewery and taproom.

The taproom will feature 300 seats, a 100′ long bar, and an additional 100 seats on the sidewalk patio. Masthead will focus on American and Belgian style beers, and aims to quickly start up a barrel aging program. Masthead’s taproom will also feature a Neapolitan pizza kitchen, the centerpiece of which is a wood-fired oven operating at over 825°F.

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The Masthead Story

General Moses Cleaveland, veteran of the Revolutionary War and surveyor of the Western Reserve, landed at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on July 22, 1796. He ascended the East Bank, reveled in the natural beauty of the land, and deemed it a favorable site for a city. This settlement was named Cleaveland in honor of its founder. By 1831, Cleaveland had grown to a village of a thousand settlers and its second newspaper was preparing to start up. Using the standard typeface and paper width of the day, the editors were unable to fit their desired name on the masthead. Instead of taking the obvious approach of changing the name of the newspaper, they boldly decided to change the name of the city. By dropping the first "a" from Cleaveland (we like to think beer was instrumental in this decision) their name fit perfectly on the masthead and the inaugural issue of The Cleveland Advertiser went to print on January 6th, 1831. Obviously, the new spelling caught on. Masthead Brewing Company aims to channel that bold and innovative spirit into all aspects of our business.
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